A Simple Introduction To Baby Led Weaning

Baby led weaning is one of the most natural ways to introduce your baby to solid foods, and it also allows you to introduce healthy foods from the beginning. Not sure what baby led weaning means or what it involves?

Lucky for you, we have Rebekah Thompson here of Surviving Toddlerhood to tell us all about it! Rebekah is a mom of 3 little guys, and she has some great tips and tricks for everything BLW!

This simple introduction to baby led weaning will give you all the information you need to know to start your baby eating table food.

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What The Bible Says About Sex + How To Have “The Talk”

Wondering how to talk to your daughters about sex? Struggling with knowing what to say or how to not sound “lame”? You’re not alone!

I’m in a season of littles right now, but as our kids get older, it will become necessary to talk to them about sex. But how? What do you say? How do you keep it age appropriate? And what does the Bible even say about sex?

Kayla from The Accidental Nomad Life is sharing with us what the Bible has to say about sex, how we can teach our kids to be counter-cultural regarding their view of sex, and a wonderful course designed for preteen and teenage girls and their moms.

Are you wondering how to talk to your daughters about sex as a Christian parent? This resource is for you!

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To The Mama With A Newborn In Church

You’re nervous, I know. Your baby is still unpredictable. Sometimes she sleeps for 2 hours, but sometimes it’s only 15 minutes and she wakes up screaming.

He went 3 hours without eating the other day, but other times, he’s hungry every 30 minutes. “I don’t want to feed him all during church,” you’ve said. You’re scared to feed with all those people around (“what if she pulls the blanket off?”), but you don’t want to be exiled to the nursery, either.

And on that note, there are so many people around. What if he gets sick? His immune system is still so new. Or what if her diaper leaks and I don’t realize it before it’s too late? Do I need to take a change of clothes for me, too?

What if he cries? What if she screams? Should I just leave him in the nursery? Will people judge me if I bring her into the sanctuary? How do I take care of a newborn in church?

Maybe we should just stay home.

To The Mama With A Newborn In Church

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