The Ultimate Guide To Hiking With A 6 Month Old

This post is sponsored by Littlest Sidekick Outfitters. I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are mine alone.

Our family loves hiking, and we don’t want to stop just because we have a little one in tow. Thankfully, we braved the trails with Selah and had so much fun! Don’t be afraid to go hiking with a 6 month old; use this guide to prepare yourself and put your mind at ease!

The ultimate guide to hiking with a 6 month old will ease all your worries about adventuring with a baby!

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What The Bible Says About Sex + How To Have “The Talk”

Wondering how to talk to your daughters about sex? Struggling with knowing what to say or how to not sound “lame”? You’re not alone!

I’m in a season of littles right now, but as our kids get older, it will become necessary to talk to them about sex. But how? What do you say? How do you keep it age appropriate? And what does the Bible even say about sex?

Kayla from The Accidental Nomad Life is sharing with us what the Bible has to say about sex, how we can teach our kids to be counter-cultural regarding their view of sex, and a wonderful course designed for preteen and teenage girls and their moms.

Are you wondering how to talk to your daughters about sex as a Christian parent? This resource is for you!

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8 Family-Friendly, Non-Cheesy Christian Movies You Need To See

My husband is a filmmaker, and we love movies, but it can be hard to find a movie that’s clean, family-friendly, and not super cheesy!

However, we feel that as Christians, we need to prioritize our faith over our entertainment, so we make it our goal to search out and find these movies! It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worth it!

Looking for family-friendly, non-cheesy Christian movies to watch during movie night? Here's a whole list you're sure to love!

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Gift Guide: For The Whole Family

It is OFFICIALLY the Christmas season!!! 🙂 (I’ve been celebrating since the beginning of November, but don’t mind me.) 😉 Every week leading up to Christmas, I’ll be sharing a gift guide for a certain group of people (click here to see all the gift guides). All of us seem to have a few people that stump us every year, so I hope these gift guides will help you figure out what to get those people in your life! This week, I’ve got a special one up my sleeve; it’s a gift guide: for the whole family! 🙂

Gift Guide: For The Whole Family

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