The Easiest Way To Wear A Newborn

July 19, 2017

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The Lalabu Soothe Shirt (available for both men and women) is the easiest way to wear a newborn. It creates a womb-like environment for the newborn and allows the wearer to accomplish other tasks while providing the baby a cozy place to nap.

The Easiest Way To Wear A Newborn

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As a first-time mom, I knew that I wanted to wear Selah once she was born. That’s something that I had seen become increasingly popular in the past few years and I wanted to have that sweet snuggle time with my baby. But there are SO. MANY. OPTIONS. when it comes to babywearing! You’ve got shirts and wraps and carriers and slings and probably more that I haven’t even heard of. So how do you pick?

I was scrolling Instagram one day when an ad popped up of a mom wearing her baby. “That’s cute,” I thought, but as I looked closer, it seemed like the baby was in the mom’s shirt. I had to know more, so I clicked over to the account and discovered Lalabu.


The Easiest Way To Wear A Newborn

Lalabu promotes simple babywearing. Inspired by moms in Africa who travel for miles with their babies on their backs, Brian and Keri set out to create a shirt to simplify babywearing. Not a wrap that you have to tie on, not a carrier with clips, but a shirt that you can wear day in and day out and simply slip your baby into. And just like that, the Soothe Shirt was born.

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I’ve worn my Soothe Shirt around the house, grocery shopping, and even at our July 4th celebration. It makes it so much easier to carry Selah because the shirt supports a lot of her weight. It was also helpful on those days when I couldn’t get her to nap, because as soon as I put her in the shirt, she calmed down, snuggled in, and snoozed away for a little bit.

The Easiest Way To Wear A Newborn


  • The shirt mimics the closeness of the womb, which automatically soothes the baby and calms them down.
  • You are able to do other things (clean, wash dishes, grocery shop) while wearing your baby.
  • Your arms get a break from supporting the entire weight of your child (can I get a hallelujah?!).
  • You get extra newborn snuggles.
  • Public outings are much easier, and you don’t have to remember to take a carrier or wrap.
  • You don’t need a bunch of extra gear; it’s just a shirt.
  • The Soothe Shirt is designed to make nursing in public easier and easy to access.

The biggest benefit to this shirt was the ease of wearing Selah in public. For the first 8 weeks of her life, Selah would not tolerate not being held. That meant her car seat was pretty much off-limits unless she was sleeping. While most parents are able to put their baby’s car seat in the shopping cart, Selah was having none of that. Soothe Shirt to the rescue! I slipped her in the shirt, she fell asleep, and we grocery shopped in peace.

The Easiest Way To Wear A Newborn


  • The baby must be supported with one hand at all times.
  • Selah is a long baby, so she outgrew the shirt before she reached the weight limit.
  • I couldn’t fit into the shirt until I was 3 weeks postpartum.
  • If your baby is very active, they may have a harder time settling down because they are very restricted.

The Soothe Shirt is meant to be form-fitting so that the baby is secure inside the pouch. This meant that I was unable to fit into the shirt directly after birth, which cut down on my time to use it. That became especially true when Selah outgrew it at 3 months. Since the shirt is rather expensive, this was discouraging.

Overall, I love the Lalabu Soothe Shirt. On July 4th, I needed to cover Selah’s ears during the fireworks, so I slipped her in the shirt and held her close. She watched the fireworks while I easily protected her ears, then fell asleep right after they were over.

My favorite thing about the Soothe Shirt is that many times, it calmed Selah down instantly. She’s pretty active, so she’ll fight sleep, and she kicks and wiggles in her wrap and carrier. But in this shirt, she would hardly fight and would settle down quickly. Because of the womb-like environment, she felt safe and secure, which allowed her to sleep.

The Easiest Way To Wear A Newborn

Not to leave out the other half of the parenting team, Lalabu has also created a Dad Shirt! The Dad Shirt is a breathable short-sleeve shirt with a pouch on the front just like the Soothe Shirt. Dads are able to slip their baby right in the pouch and carry them around just like mom. And when the baby isn’t in the pouch, it lays flat on the front of the shirt, with no awkward bunching or extra fabric. With as much as Caleb loves to wear Selah in her wrap and carrier, I know he would love the Dad Shirt, as well!

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We have a wrap and a carrier for Selah, but in those newborn days, the Soothe Shirt was always the first babywearing gear that I grabbed for. When Selah wasn’t in it, it was a stylish shirt and super convenient for nursing. And when she was in it, she snoozed away and everybody ooh-ed and ahh-ed. I can’t recommend this shirt enough for both moms and dads.

After all, who wouldn’t want extra close baby snuggles??

You can learn more about Lalabu by visiting their website, by following them on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram, or by shopping their store on Amazon.

Now it’s your turn! Have you tried a Lalabu shirt? What’s your favorite way to babywear? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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