Why I’m Still Boycotting Target (A Year Later)

In April 2016, Target came out with a controversial policy that allowed transgender individuals to use the restroom and fitting room of the gender that they identify with. Millions of Christians were outraged, signed petitions, and boycotted Target. I was one of those. A few months later, many of these people returned to Target when the store began installing family restrooms. I was not one of those. I believe that this issue goes deeper than just having a private restroom to use, and I want to explore that together. Let me share with you why I’m still boycotting Target (a year later).

Why I'm Still Boycotting Target (A Year Later)

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7 Inspirational Worship Songs For Easter

Easter is a beautiful time to focus solely on Christ and what He has done for us. He came as a man, died on a cross, and rose from the dead 3 days later to redeem us. Without Christ, we are dead in our sins, eternally condemned.

But by the grace of God, with Christ, we are free, loved, and made alive again, just as He was. He deserves our praise, adoration, and worship.

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