Why The Election Doesn’t Scare Me

On November 8, 2016, we will elect the 45th president of the United States of America. The majority of America feels like neither major party candidate is fit for the job. Many of our rights are in jeopardy, and our presidential choice will absolutely determine the future of this nation. The next four years could be some of the worst in our history. And yet, I’m not afraid. I should be afraid. It makes sense to be afraid. But still, I can’t be afraid. Allow me to explain why the election doesn’t scare me.

Why The Election Doesn't Scare Me

This election holds a lot of weight. Though the presidential candidates generally disagree on many topics, the candidates this year have opposed each other even more strongly. It’s been difficult to watch the debates or even be on social media, because not only have the candidates attacked each other, but their followers have, as well. As a Christian, I’ve found myself confronted with many issues that I don’t agree with either candidate on. Some of those issues are really big and have the potential to affect my future and the future of my family and my faith. Everything in me is screaming that I should be afraid of the results, and even more scared of what will come our way in the next few months and years. Everything, that is, except for a small, still voice.

Why The Election Doesn't Scare Me

I’m not afraid of the election because my faith is in God, not in our nation, our leaders, or our policies. I’m not scared of the results because I know that God is in control. I’m not moved by fear because I know that perfect love, the love of my God, casts out all fear.

The other day, I heard a song called “Spirit of the Living God” by Vertical Church Band. Though I’ve heard this song probably hundreds of times, I was suddenly stopped in my tracks by one line:

“When You move, You move all our fears.”

I’ve heard so many people, even Christian leaders, say recently that they are waiting for God to move in this country. Friends, He is! He is moving in hearts and in lives every single day. Yes, I would LOVE a sudden nationwide revival, and I think that would begin to move our country in the right direction. But I would also love for us to stop focusing on that like it is the only way to bring a nation back to God. When God moves in YOUR life, He is moving. His moving in a nationwide revival would not be any greater, because the move of God, no matter how small, is always great.

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God has been moving in my life recently. He has opened my heart to new truths and He has revealed Himself in new ways. And in those movings, He has moved my fears straight out of my life. I am not afraid of what will happen to this nation or to the people of this nation. It could go up in flames tomorrow and God would still be good. Because that’s what He is. He is good.

He is good when the government is righteous, and He is good when the government is corrupt.

He is good when leaders follow Him, and He is good when leaders build altars to false gods.

He is good when His people serve Him, and He is good when they wander astray.

He is good in the good, and He is good in the bad.

He is good.

If I choose to live in fear, I am choosing to not live in the peace that surpasses all understanding, the peace of my God. But my soul craves that peace, so I am allowing God to move my fears. He has filled my heart with His undeniable peace, and that is why this election doesn’t scare me.

I’m leaving you with some encouraging songs that help me to not be afraid. Give them a listen, and I pray that they will speak to your soul and that God will give you His peace through these words. For even more songs, check out 6 Songs To Listen To When You’re Afraid.

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  1. Amen! You have said it well my friend! I am not afraid because God is in control. He will prevail and he will protect us. I am not as afraid as I should be either because my faith and trust is in him.

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