The Perfect Way To Make Your Spouse Feel Appreciated Every Day

Caleb and I have been married for a little over 6 months. Time has flown by and it has been an absolutely wonderful adventure. Time and again, I’ve heard people say that marriage is hard, and I disagree. But one thing that I do think is difficult is remembering to tell your spouse how much you appreciate them. Sure, they know you love them, and that’s a vital part of marriage. But do they know how much you like them? How great you think they are? How much you appreciate them? Maybe not, and it can be easy to forget to tell them, especially in the midst of a busy season. But after much thought, I’ve come up with the perfect way to make your spouse feel appreciated every day.

The Perfect Way To Make Your Spouse Feel Appreciated Every Day

It’s easy to throw around buzz words like “perfect” and “magical” in regards to marriage, but I truly believe that this is the perfect way. It’s guaranteed to make your spouse feel appreciated EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Alright, you want to know what it is?


That’s it! That’s the perfect way to make your spouse feel appreciated every day! I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes because you thought this was going to be a revolutionary new way, but I truly believe that this is a game-changer. The only way for your spouse to know that you appreciate them is for you to tell them.

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Let me tell you a little story. Caleb had a bagel for breakfast yesterday morning, and he used the last of a stick of butter on it. Then, he went to the fridge, got another stick out of the box, and put it on the shelf. When I went to cook lunch, there was a new stick, ready for me to use. It occurred to me that I didn’t put it there, so I texted him, telling him that I really appreciated that. That made him smile, and we both went on with our day, just a little bit happier.

It wasn’t a big deal for him to get another stick of butter out. It took approximately four seconds, and he had probably forgotten about it by the time I texted him. But it made me happy, and it was a nice little gesture, so I called him out for it and made it a little bit of a bigger deal. That made him feel really appreciated, and that makes my heart happy.

The Perfect Way To Make Your Spouse Feel Appreciated Every Day

It’s great to appreciate the big things. I always appreciate it when Caleb changes the oil in my car or fixes something that’s broken. But it’s also really nice to appreciate the little things. Look for the little things that your spouse does that you can show appreciation for. Maybe they do it every day, or maybe it’s every once in a while. Either way, make it a big deal and make them feel loved.

Maybe your husband knows that you hate socks on the floor so he dutifully puts them in the laundry basket every night when he gets home. Maybe your wife cooks a meal that she doesn’t really love because she knows it’s your favorite. Maybe your husband takes out the trash every Thursday because you have Bible Study on Friday mornings and he knows a clean house is important to you.

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It can be anything! Watch your spouse, and notice all of the things that they do around the house or that they do just for you, and share your appreciation with them. If it makes you smile, tell them. Those few words will mean so much to them, and they will go through their day feeling loved, liked, and appreciated.

Your turn! What do you do to make your spouse feel appreciated? What does your spouse do that you can start showing appreciation for?

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26 Replies to “The Perfect Way To Make Your Spouse Feel Appreciated Every Day”

  1. Thankfully my husband and I are very good at telling each other how much we appreciate them. Another way to show appreciation is by saying “Thank You”. Even for the smallest task. It really does carry a lot of weight. 🙂

  2. Aww, I love seeing some of your wedding photos! You guys make a great pair! This is fantastic advice. Communication is so important in any relationship and often times, just telling someone you appreciate them can go a long way!

  3. I love this so much and couldn’t agree more! I find that Aaron just lights up when I praise him or thank him for something. He’s a huge words of affirmation guy!

  4. Telling them is so important but also showing them through little things. Me and my sweetie are on different shifts but I always bring him a coffee when I come home in the morning and on the weekends I try to have breakfast made before he wakes up. Good post😊

  5. My husband is really amazing about putting a cup of coffee in the fridge for me before I wake up or the night before. I like my coffee cold but I hate to wait for it to cool down for me in the morning. We try to tell each other how amazing the other one is every day. <3

  6. You guys are such a darling couple! That is such a simple tip and should be obvious but I guess we forget sometimes. I have been married since the end of September and even at this early stage, I find myself needing obvious nudges like this. Great post!

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