DIY Wednesday: String Art

About a month ago, I introduced DIY Wednesday with a post about transforming a boring old dresser into a fabulous entertainment center. It was a big hit, so here I am again this month, with DIY Wednesday: String Art! I got into string art a few years ago (thanks to Pinterest), but I was not successful in the least! Now, it’s one of my favorite crafts to do and I love the way it turns out! Keep reading to see how I do it and why I love it! 🙂

DIY Wednesday: String Art

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I love making homemade Christmas gifts. Over the years, there have been great successes and ultimate failures. Unfortunately, string art began as one of those failures. 😉 I saw something on Pinterest about using cork board instead of wood to place the nails in, and that seemed so much easier, so I went for it. I guess it could maybe work, but all my nails started leaning towards whichever way I pulled the string. I gave the gifts (and for that, I apologize to my family), but they weren’t my best work, by far.

Fast forward to this year, and Caleb and I were planning our wedding! I had a couple of small pieces of reclaimed wood that I had been saving for the perfect DIY project, and I knew I wanted to use them for our wedding. After much thought, I decided to use them for string art to be displayed on our guest book table. I kept it a secret from Caleb and was able to surprise him the day before our wedding, and that was so fun! Let me walk you through how I made this beautiful piece of art.

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DIY Wednesday: String Art

Step 1: Choose your surface.

As I said, the first time I did string art, I used cork board. That didn’t work for me, but it might for you. For our wedding, I used a couple of pieces of reclaimed wood. In a string art that I made just a few weeks ago, I used these oval pieces of wood. You need something sturdy, but also make sure to choose something that goes with your decor. You will see a lot of the surface, so make sure it’s not all crazy looking or scuffed up! 😉

Step 2: Gather supplies.

I love string art because it’s easy to do, it doesn’t take a long time, and it’s really cost-effective! Once you have your surface, you need three other supplies: a piece of paper with your design on it, nails, and string. To find your design, you can either search Google for an image or, if you’re doing text, you can type it up yourself in Microsoft Word. Once you have your design, print it on a standard sheet of paper. Whatever design you choose, make sure that the object or letters are wide enough to loop the string around. For the other two supplies, I use these nails and this string. The nails are my favorite because they’re linoleum nails, so they’re not very long, but they are strong and have a wide head. That way, the string stays looped around them. And the string, oh how I love this string. This package is huge and really cheap and you get SO MANY COLORS!!! It’s absolutely wonderful. 🙂

Step 3: Mark and nail.

Okay, I’m going to be honest with y’all. For our wedding string art, I didn’t mark my design, and I so regret it, because I marked a project recently and it was SO MUCH EASIER! Once you have your design, grab a pencil and mark where you want your nails to go. You’ll want to make sure that the nails will be fairly evenly distributed, and that they are not too close together (that makes it really hard to string around the nails). Mark your whole design before you start nailing, and the nailing will go way faster. Once you have your design marked, lay the paper on your surface and start nailing. Place a nail on each mark that you made, and hammer them in until only about 1/4 inch of an inch is visible. Once all the nails are in, pull the paper out. It will rip and come out in pieces, but make sure you get it all out before you start stringing.

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Step 4: String!

This is the fun part! Start by tying the string around one nail. Then, you’re free. You want to make as many criss-crosses as you can, going from one side of your design to the other. Avoid going straight across, but otherwise, it’s a blank canvas and you’re in charge! I’ve found that I like to outline my design before starting. I wrap the string around the nail, go the next nail, wrap it around that one, and so on. Once I get all the way around the design, then I start criss-crossing. I like the way the designs look when they are outlined, but this is totally up to personal preference. The amount of string that you use is up to you, as well. Your string design can be very thin, where the surface is still visible through the string, or it can be thick. Whatever you think looks best is what you want to go with! 🙂

Step 5: Take a million pictures and brag to all your friends.

Once you finish stringing, tie the string around one of the nails, and you are done!! Now it’s time to Instagram! 😉

I love string art because it goes with any decor and any occasion. Our wedding string art is now displayed on our wall and is a beautiful reminder of one of our favorite days! 🙂 I had the opportunity recently to create another string art piece as a baby gift for a friend, and it turned out wonderfully, as well!

DIY Wednesday: String Art

String art is a great DIY for kids and adults both to enjoy, and I hope that you’ll jump right in and try one yourself! Once you finish, make sure you share it with me on social media so I can see how awesome you are! 🙂

Now it’s your turn! Have you ever tried your hand at string art? How did it go? If you’ve never done it, do you want to?

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