“Honey, Can You Fix My Jeans?”


Y’all, I’m good at a lot of things: cooking, photography, eating tacos. I mean, I rock them. (Humility, maybe not so much.) One thing I’m not good at: SEWING.

My grandma, who is still an incredible seamstress, taught me a basic hand stitch when I was probably about seven years old. I thought I was going to revolutionize the world of sewing (I was a big dreamer). I don’t ever recall actually sewing anything, other than a few stitches here or there, but I thought I was awesome.

Fast forward 17 years, and here I am. Married. Wifing (it’s a thing). My husband was working with a friend of ours last week and came home with a nice rip in  his jeans. Not a big hole, just an L-shaped rip on the front of the thigh. But these are his work jeans, and he likes them, so …

“Honey, can you fix my jeans?”

“Ummm … sure babe. No problem.”


So that was my mission this week. Fix the jeans. No biggie. I have a freakin’ Masters degree. I can fix a pair of jeans. I was determined.

And then I stalled. And stalled. And stalled. I mean, you know, it’s understandable. I had to go to the post office AND do laundry on Monday, so of course I couldn’t fix them on that day. And then Tuesday, well let me tell you about Tuesday! I had to make rolls for dinner! Then, obviously, Wednesday is church night, so I can’t fix jeans on a church day. And here we are. Thursday. I couldn’t stall any longer (I actually really hate procrastination).

So I sat down at my desk and threaded my needle. (I actually have a pretty nice sewing machine, but 1. I have no idea how to use it, and 2. I have no thread or anything for it. Hand stitch it is.) After I stared at the jeans for about 10 minutes, I flipped them inside out and started stitching. I was just about done when I decided to turn them partially right side out so I could see how the stitch looked. And …

I had stitched through the other leg of the jeans.

Of course. So I took all those stitches out, re-threaded my needle (with much enthusiam, as you can imagine), and tried again. This time, I was careful to not stitch through the other leg. I got the rip stitched up and I have to say that it looks pretty decent! I’ll probably do another stitch through it tomorrow to reinforce it (this was enough of an adventure for today), but I did it, y’all!

If you are that super awesome wife that can sew an entire wardrobe for her husband, WAY TO GO! You amaze me and you should get all of the awards. Here, have all of mine.

For those of you that struggle to get the thread through the needle, I feel ya. But we can do this. We can be awesome wives. And when we think we can’t, we can just buy our husbands a new pair of jeans (it seriously crossed my mind). 😉


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  1. Well done! You could take a look at sashiko. Japanese mending and reinforcing done by hand. Often uneven stitches, variations in fabric (though usually indigo, at least historically), very utilitarian and always beautiful. Simplest stitches, great results.

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