Why I’m Still Boycotting Target (A Year Later)

In April 2016, Target came out with a controversial policy that allowed transgender individuals to use the restroom and fitting room of the gender that they identify with. Millions of Christians were outraged, signed petitions, and boycotted Target. I was one of those. A few months later, many of these people returned to Target when the store began installing family restrooms. I was not one of those. I believe that this issue goes deeper than just having a private restroom to use, and I want to explore that together. Let me share with you why I’m still boycotting Target (a year later).

Why I'm Still Boycotting Target (A Year Later)

My issue with Target's bathroom policy isn't safety; it's being a good steward of God's money. Click To Tweet

Let me be clear. I LOVE TARGET. Seriously, it doesn’t get much better than Target clearance racks. $4 for a dress? Don’t mind if I do! Plus, all of their stores just feel so nice AND THEY SELL BIG PRETZELS. In college, I frequented Target at least once a week. Even now, when we drive by a Target store, my husband laughs because almost every time I say, “I miss Target.” I do. I miss their cute clothes and cheap sales and friendly employees. I miss their pretzels and their dollar bins. But most of all, I miss feeling good about spending my money at their stores.

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You see, for me, this isn’t about feeling safe in the restroom or the fitting room. That is an issue all of its own, and if that is your issue, I understand why a family restroom would be a great solution. When you remove the possibility of anyone else entering the restroom, then you’re in the clear. That is why many of you have returned to Target after the initial outrage. But my issue isn’t safety. My issue is being a good steward of God’s money.

I believe that all of the money that my husband and I have belongs to God. He provides us with work, which means that any money we earn comes directly from Him. With that logic, it only makes sense that all of the money we spend then needs to glorify God, because it belongs to Him in the first place. Therefore, how can I justify spending my money at a store that promotes policies that are in direct opposition to biblical teachings?

How can I justify spending money at Target when they promote anti-biblical policies? I can't. Click To Tweet

Many times, when we talk about being a good steward, we talk about tithing and budgeting and being financially responsible. Those are absolutely core values of being a good steward, but as with every other aspect of our faith, I believe that God calls us to go deeper. He wants us to not just be financially responsible, but biblically responsible with our finances, as well. For my husband and I, that means choosing not to financially support companies and productions that promote anti-biblical policies. It’s why we don’t shop at Target, and it’s also why we didn’t see Star Trek: Beyond in theaters. We can’t control other people’s values and policies, but we can control where we spend our money, and we will be held responsible for those decisions.

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In short, yes. We are still boycotting Target, even a year later. There are times when I miss it, but in the end, it’s just a store, and my values are so much more important to me than a $4 dress. 😉 If you have chosen to return to Target, or if you never boycotted it in the first place, that’s your call. This post is not written to judge you or to condemn you, but simply to share my heart and what God has placed upon it. I want to encourage you simply to think about where you are spending your money and what you are promoting. Let’s be good stewards of what we’ve been given and let’s honor God with all that He’s given us.

“Honor the LORD with your wealth, with the firstfruits of all your crops…” – Proverbs 3:9

Now it’s your turn. How do you feel about this situation? Did you boycott Target? Are you still boycotting Target? (Let’s keep this conversation polite!) 🙂

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  1. I never boycotted them and I believe the safety outrage was blown way out of proportion. I’d much rather show love and acceptance to everyone and let God sort it out upon death. I don’t think it’s my place to hold a righteous indignation over bathrooms when the people who felt they needed the bathroom option in the first place are suffering in their minds and hearts.

  2. I feel that God cares more about us being loving and accepting of everyone rather than not supporting stores that have different values than us. I think it would be slightly different if Target was a Christian brand, but even so, I don’t think God really cares about stuff like this. Otherwise we should only be shopping at stores where the people are Christians and have the same values as we do. I think God knows that the whole world isn’t going to be Christians and we should be more about sharing his gospel because that’s what’s important. It comes across as unloving when we don’t support decisions that aren’t like our own because we believe in the Bible. I hope this makes sense, and is just my opinion. I respect that yours is different from mine however.

  3. I also haven’t shopped at Target. Not only because of the bathroom policy, but because of the “rainbow pride” merchandise and displays.

    I must point out that being a Christian doesn’t JUST involve love. It also involves HATE.

    Those who love the Lord hate evil: Psalm 97:10
    Proverbs 8:13 – To fear the Lord is to hate evil
    Romans 12: 9 – Hate what is evil, cling to what is good

    We know how God feels about homosexuality due to his direct condemnation of Sodom and Gomorrah. While it is not MY job to judge others, vengeance is his, I do hate the sinfulness of the lifestyle.

  4. Interesting. You do realize that there are TONS of other stores that support this, as well. As a Christian and a wife of a pastor, I’m even more all about extending grace and acceptance. Acceptance is different than approval (many Christians forget this…). While I do not agree with certain lifestyles, I can still accept others the way they are – I just don’t approve of their choices. After all, you cannot hold a non-believer to the standards of believers. That’s not how it works at all. Target was never a Christian-owned company! So, why does it matter?

    After all, have you read what scripture says? Things get worse. Does that mean we don’t stand up (in a proper and appropriate way) for what’s right? No! But it also doesn’t mean we blow things out of proportion and picket things that don’t align with our views…

    The Gospel is all about grace. The best thing we Christians can do in the world is to show love, grace, and truth. We should not be shaming others. We should not be condemning others. We should be treating others how Christ did – with love, grace, and mercy.

    I could go way on, but I won’t. 😉

    1. I think that you can choose not to spend your money somewhere and still show grace. She isn’t saying that she doesn’t love the people who run Target or who believe differently, she just prefers that her money goes elsewhere. I can totally respect that. You are both right. God does call us to grace, but he also calls us to go with the convictions He lays on our hearts.
      This issue is something I have struggled with IMMENSELY for years now. It’s a hard issue.

  5. This is something I have really struggled with because I 100% agree with you as far as where I want and don’t want “my” money going, but at the same time, when I look up the companies that give HUGE amounts of money to similar issues as Target, I find that I basically have 3 options: I’m either going have to start making my own clothes, growing my own food, and go off-grid and stop blogging because all social media and all search engines do the same things, I’m going to have to shop at some of these places, or I am going to have to walk around naked until I starve to death…… Nobody wants #3. I dont feel called to #1, but I don’t love #2. I have tried to come to a solution and am still working on it.

  6. If I had the same convictions as you, I would probably boycott Target. As you can guess, I don’t agree that Target’s decisions regarding bathrooms are problematic. I believe EVERY person has a right to a judgement-free, relaxing place to pee. Unfortunately, the daily discrimination that transgenders face regularly doesn’t sit right with my knowledge of who God is.

    The other thing that’s hard for me to get past is the $4 shirt. Is it possible to buy a shirt so cheap and not contribute to the problem of unethical production and consumption of clothes? I can’t imagine producing thousands of $4 shirts and paying a living wage to the workers…

    When we buy cheap clothes we are taking advantage of the impoverished communities that produce them.

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